‘The Best Supplier of Agrosad’ competition regulations 

§1 General provisions 

1. The organizer of the competition ‘The Best Supplier of Agrosad’ (further called: ‘The Competition’) is Agrosad Sp. z o.o. Równa 28, 98-235 Błaszki (further called ‘The Organizer’) 

2. Agrosad Sp. z o.o. Równa 28, 98-235 Błaszki (further referred to as ‘The Founder’) is funding the prize. 

3. The competition is not a promotion lottery or gambling in the meaning of Article 2 (1) 10 of the Gambling Law of 19 November 2009. The aim of the activity is promoting high-quality food delivered to Agrosad and the dissemination of knowledge about Agrosad as a brand. 

§ 2 Conditions of participation 

1. The suppliers of Agrosad Sp. z o.o. Równa 28, 98-235 Błaszki take part in The Competition.

2. Participants enter The Competition automatically by delivering products to Agrosad. 

3. The awards committee will select one supplier with the biggest number of nominations. 

4. The Organizer will ask the nominee to confirm his or her will to participate in The Competition. 

5. After the confirmation the nominee shall have the status of the participant of The Competition. 

6. The participants of The Competition will be given the possibility of promotion of his/her own farm on the Agrosad webpage and on Facebook.

7. The conditions of the promotion are going to be settled with the participants individually. 

§ 3 Prizes 

1. The first prize in The Competition is the statuette ‘The Best Supplier of Agrosad’ and another surprise award.

2. The prizewinner is not entitled to exchange the prize and no cash alternative will be offered. 

3. The winner can forgo the prize but no cash alternative or another prize will be offered. 

§ 4 Rules for awarding prizes

1. The winner of The Competition will be chosen by the selection board consisting of the board members of Agrosad, contracting manager and quality management specialist.

2. The Competition ends od 24th December 2020 

3. Before 30th December 2020 the selection board will decide on the winner during an official meeting 

4. The winner will be informed about the results of The Competition and the conditions for receiving the prize via telephone or e-mail. 

5. The Organizer has the right to publish the winner’s details on the website: www.agrosad.pl and on its Facebook page. www.agrosad.pl oraz na swojej stronie na Facebook.

6. The Organizer is not responsible for not presenting the award for reasons directly attributable to the participant. 

7. In the event of any activities not in accordance with the Regulations or any attempts to influence the selection of the winner in the way that is not allowed, a participant can be excluded from The Competition. 

§ 5 Complaints 

2. Complaints made not within the specified time have no legal effects. 

2. Reklamacja zgłoszona po wyznaczonym terminie nie wywołuje skutków prawnych. 

3. Written complaint should contain name, surname, the address of the participant and a detailed description and justification for the complaint. The complaint must be sent by registered letter to the Organizer with a note: ‘The Best Supplier of Agrosad’. 

4. The complaints will be dealt with in writing within 30 days. 

§ 6 Final provisions 

1. In cases not provided for in these regulations the provisions of The Civil Code and other laws shall apply. 

2. Any disputes, arising in relation with The Competition, shall be solved by the court with jurisdiction over The Organizer’s registered office. 

3. The Organizer reserves the right to modify these regulations during The Competition. Information about changes will be published immediately by The Organizer.   

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